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About Sprague    
  50 Years of Product Innovation
  Sprague was founded in 1947 by Bob Sprague to serve the aerospace industry with ground support equipment. The first air-operated pump was developed by Sprague in 1947 and, other than minor modifications, is the same to this date. The inventor of the S-216 pump was Willie Moehler who also invented the SC pump.
Product and Industry Legacy
Sprague Engineering was acquired by Teledyne in 1966, and became Teledyne Sprague. The products consisted of ground support equipment (test stands), airborne aircraft accumulators, mobile refrigeration units, air-operated pumps, boosters, specialty valves and accessories. In 1992, the ground support product line was sold to Maney Aircraft and the pumps and accumulators were moved to Brookpark, Ohio, where they became part of Teledyne Republic. In 1995, the commercial valves, accumulator and diaphragm pump lines were sold, and the remaining products --- vehicle controls and air-operated pumps and boosters move to Brecksville, Ohio under the Teledyne Fluid Systems banner. In 1999, the company was acquired by Curtiss-Wright and currently operate under the banner of -- Sprague Products, Division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control.
One trait that is common to our products is high performance.
All products are highly engineered with formidable quality and absolute reliability.
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