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  Simple Design, Efficient Operation
  Efficient in operation and simple in design, Sprague products provide the user with greatest cost-effective and energy-saving benefits for industrial and research applications. Sprague is a leading supplier of pumps and boosters to the petrochemical, utility, aerospace and industrial markets.
Pumps and Support Products
Sprague Products includes a variety of air driven hydraulic pumps, gas boosters, power units which are supported with a complete line of valves and pump accessories. The Sprague S-216 and PowerStar line of pumps offer a variety of hydraulic pumps which offer various liquid pressures up to 33,500 psi (2311 bar). Sprague’s pneumatic gas boosters offer a cost effective way to compress air/gas to meet high pressure requirements, while our amplifier design offers greater efficiency as well as bing modular for increased versatility.
One trait that is common to our products is high performance.
All products are highly engineered with formidable quality and absolute reliability.
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